Thursday, September 20, 2007

Male Rejuvenation of Vital Life Spiritual Essence.

While doing research for my project, I've come across these pressure points which open spiritual doorways in the body to allow life spirits to strengthen a person's health. This one particular move, taken from the "88 Pressure Points to Infinity" demonstrates how massaging certain pressure points during intercourse allows not only heightened orgasms, but the doorways guide life spirits (entities that control positive emotions in your physical body) up from the genitalia region up towards the head. With every normal male ejaculation, both life spirits and the spiritual undead (entities that control negative fear based emotions) are expelled. However, with this technique, the life spirits are channeled up the body, expelling only the spiritual undead to cleanse the body. The images I found were all too distorted and difficult to understand, so I have drawn up my own mapping of the 9 pressure points.

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