Tuesday, June 26, 2007

End of sem1 07

My toes are really really cold.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cheer up, pea toes.


Watched Die Hard tonight, followed by random dvds I picked up at uni because I can't sleep again. Action movies always make me feel better when my toes are cold and I'm all alone at home. Poo. Listening alot to a Silversun Pickups song where the chick levitates randomly in this video. Its cute, but but sad cute. I need a new sketch book.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Winter's getting cold, innit? Well my toes are cold. Pea toes. Headed to uni in a second to scan stuff for my penis book project and maybe take out a few more DVDs. Getting bored of OC from TVlinks.com and really wish they'd upload more Police Squad! and Tales From the Crypt. Am listening to a lot of this Danish band, Rumskib.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Let go.

Fuh. I've been listening to pop-punk because pop musicians are just so damn cute. Despite silly lyrics like "she's like so whatever, you could do so much better", there's something about that Girlfriend video which fascinates me, could be Avril's blue skirt, blue skirt's are always fascinating items of clothing. Anyway, it's getting colder in my apartment and my giraffe has flown South for the Winter. Been sleepy at home, having strange dreams, oh I hung out with Alicia (who listens to a lot of electro) and went for Braden's puppet show which was really cute, and nothing much else really has happened. I just look forward to drawing more and catching up with Bryan before he leaves. Oh, I've finally updated my multiply with pictures from Kate and Karen's crazy birthday party, Xoli's mad cuddles farewell and Cedric's insane beer halo birthday bash. And here's my favorite picture of the champion halo boys at Ceds.

We may be pretty but we're very mean, just ask Lupfi. "ALL BETS ARE OFF!" 25/25 - 14/14.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Got milk?

Well, I'm pretty much done for the final project which was the milk bottle packaging design, and did some fake ads too. I hope they look young enough because the milk is supposed to be targetting at teenage males aging from 13-18. Which is why I'm going to leave out the group shot because I think Spike and Aman look old in those photos. I did a Meza Virs pic for Ced as well because I thought it was funny, mmheh. After tmrw I guess I'm pretty much officially free for the holidays, but I think I just really need to get some sleep after last night's insane Halo/beer action at Ceds party. 25/25 - 14/14.

Friday, June 8, 2007

No, I wanna plug it in today!

Something poo Kate and I did a while back. She made me a beautiful print yesterday which I shall scan in sometime next week. I keep looking at it, because it's so prett-teh. Finishing some work up now to clear the weekend so I can spend some time with Xoli at her farewell tonight, beer and halo at Ceds tmrw night, and possibly Golgotha on Sunday night (altho things aren't looking up for that at the rate of work I am going). Can't wait for Monday when everythings going to be done, so bring on the dvds and old twilight zones... *little hop of joy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Ced.

So here he is, Cedric Chew (who listens to a lot of metal, avril lavigne and trashy techno), in a recent photo. It's such a shame that many of you who have just gotten to know Ced recently have never seen the various hairstyles my talented friend used to have before Meza Virs became a giant metal band. I've searched through my computer and managed to find some to share with you all. He and I had our ups and downs for several years but I'm glad everything is cool now. Happy birthday, Ced Tragic.

Cedric chilling with me over coffee and ice milo near his house at gardens, sporting a floppy look.

This is a very tanned Bryan (who listens to a lot of Deftones) behind Ced's glamorous spiked do.
My bestfriend Nick (who listens to a lot of modest mouse) and Ced with his killer centre parting gelled look.

Cedric's first night out of the army and over to mine for some wine and beer.

I think this was Jason Balota's place when it was empty, but thats me and my bro with a shaved Ced, and I'm not sure what he is wearing.

Old school photo of us drinking blood.

Super fuckin old photo, this was a surprise party for Nick at Ced's place.

Kate and Karen's birthday pics.

Headed to uni to pick up my drawing folio, see a lecturer, maybe help Kate with printmaking, and have some champagne with her and Jean whee. Oh, and take photos of my milk bottle before it starts to go bad.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Well, who knew drawing a life size womans face would be so difficult, so I made it explode. Still looks incomplete, but I just don't have the patience anymore. I should've used some tracing paper. Mmm. Mmm.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Final anatomy project, getting there anyway.

I need a face to draw onto my final drawing project, anybody interested?

Friday, June 1, 2007

Random thoughts.

Just some random things from the computer like random thoughts from my head. Someone flicked through my new sketch book (the one without all the penis illustrations by everyone else) and said I was strange, which I thought wasn't very polite, innit now?! Well, I'm going to doll up and go for Kate and Karen's birthday bash at the Order of Melbourne because if man is five, and the devil is six, and if they devil is six, then GOD IS SEVEN! No drawings for today, my loyal tentacular readers. Well, maybe just this old one which ended up being the logo we used for Interpop. I'm so sleepy though, this monkey wants to go to bed.