Monday, August 13, 2007

Adventures of Jean and Eff.

Heres my charming Jean and I at Bimbos. Jean and I went to last Mondays design lecture completely hung over after that lovely Sunday afternoon beers with Alex and Nicky at Bimbos, and in my still drunken but extremely tired state, I started this series of illustrations of us during these lectures.

And it begins!

This is the first of the series! Haha! Please laugh, because it is funny. She was sitting behind me and I was too tired to communicate with her verbally so I drew this with just me saying "I'm dying", then from the look of her face I knew she said "me too" so thats what I wrote. Then about five minutes later Kate (who was sitting next to her) decided to announce to everyone around us that she had lost her bag.

This is the second picture I drew of Jean and I. It's of me flying her to the moon to eat Krispy Kreme donuts (because thats where the special dough originates).

And here is Jean and I walking a space dog. The moon not only has special Krispy Kreme dough, but is also inhabited by these strange looking aliens that look very much like dogs. So we called them space dogs. She loves me very much in this picture too (it's true).

And here's one which I did this morning. We are very good friends in this one, but I didn't get my turn on the swing because I was too short. And our space dog shape shifted into a tree. We love him very much.

And that's it for now! Stay tuned every Monday for more charming adventures of Jean and Eff!

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