Tuesday, July 31, 2007

These burgers are crazy.

I think I am becoming a crazy hamburger working with type and layouts for our next design project. Designing an annual report isn't exactly my forte, but I'm trying to use illustrations to decorate it, hence these strange characters that look like they've crawled out from under a rock.

And a bird! I don't think I have ever drawn a bird before, those things are a lot hairier than I thought. Plus it kinda creeps me out since I heard that when they flap their wings all kinds of germs and bacteria flood the air around them. Eech.

Well, to keep myself sane I've been doodling a series of bizarre orgies which I shall upload once I have the chance to scan them since Paddy has requested for them. I used to draw stuff like that back in high school but I think they're a lot better now. Albie (who has started listening to Aphex Twin) is collaborating with me and drawing over my illustrations with a felt tip, combining his cute surreal cartoons with my drawings, and it works really well. I will scan those too (Ayano, stay! Stay!!!). Sigh, there's a presentation tmrw and that scares me because I don't like standing in front of people who are secretly destroying your work in their minds as you speak. Oh and random thought of the night, Deb (who listens to A LOT of afi) asked me to check out the new Blaqk Audio song called Semiotic Love which I think is fuckin killer! And so does Cedric!!! And if someone who produces music professionally like him listened to it several times, I think that justifies me listening to it several times too! Just say goodbye, I live and I'll die!

Another random strange, fashion stuff. Scroll through, check out the manga and wires, I like.

And here is a picture I found of one of my favoritest people in the world.

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