Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy bee indeed.

Well, I have been a busy bee indeed. I think I started to worry my bestfriend, Jiggly Puffy (who wants to go watch U2 all of a sudden). For those who don't know, I had friends coming over and I was busy showing them around Melbourne. I'll sort out the photos and multiply them soon. So it was mad shopping for them at Brunswick, Chapel, Bridge Road and the city. I bought myself a black and pink coat with a detachable hoodie at Camberwell too.

And now it's back to uni. The first project for design studio already looks painfully boring, but I'm hoping things will pick up. I can't wait for Kate and I to get started on our little adult childrens book we plan to collaborate on. It's currently called Princess Kate and her Perfect Puddle of Pee. Well, it's been a refreshing holiday with lots of pleasant surprises (and apparently more hidden in my apartment as well).

And someone please rush Dannyboy (who listens to a lot of "indie") for the teabag photos.

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thedevilandgodareraginginsideme said...

So, i have a page now. Nothing all that interesting, i just felt like it.

Let me know if you're going to be back in the city around 2/3/4 tomorrow. I'll be there for a bit.