Thursday, June 7, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Ced.

So here he is, Cedric Chew (who listens to a lot of metal, avril lavigne and trashy techno), in a recent photo. It's such a shame that many of you who have just gotten to know Ced recently have never seen the various hairstyles my talented friend used to have before Meza Virs became a giant metal band. I've searched through my computer and managed to find some to share with you all. He and I had our ups and downs for several years but I'm glad everything is cool now. Happy birthday, Ced Tragic.

Cedric chilling with me over coffee and ice milo near his house at gardens, sporting a floppy look.

This is a very tanned Bryan (who listens to a lot of Deftones) behind Ced's glamorous spiked do.
My bestfriend Nick (who listens to a lot of modest mouse) and Ced with his killer centre parting gelled look.

Cedric's first night out of the army and over to mine for some wine and beer.

I think this was Jason Balota's place when it was empty, but thats me and my bro with a shaved Ced, and I'm not sure what he is wearing.

Old school photo of us drinking blood.

Super fuckin old photo, this was a surprise party for Nick at Ced's place.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cedric, i still have your present sitting in my room so hit me up next time you get home and ill pass it to you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Frankie, you look like such a nerd in the last one. :D