Sunday, May 27, 2007

Drunk guy.

Omar sketches Eff for 5 minutes.

Eff sketches Omar for 5 minutes.

Omar is poo. I am sick, tired, and still hung over from last nights post drinking with Kate (who now listens to a lot of El Perro Del Mar) and Omar (who listens to a lot of Stevie Wonder) made me fuckin drink like a bitch with him since 7pm. Started off coffee at Pushka, then Degraves with Richie, then beer at Backpackers and then Workshop. Felt really poo but bumped into Lupfi (who listens to a lot of Incubus) and his friends and surprise surprise, drank like a bitch. On the way home, Omar decided to listen to a bum playing his guitar and I started dancing and some random girl (who listens to a lot of r&b) danced with me like idiots in the middle of Flinders Lane. Insanity. Omar said hi to about a thousand girls while I sang Kimya Dawson all the way home and now he is cooking supper with what little food I have in the kitchen.

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