Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dreaming is free.

I will probably finish my unethical milk bottles by today. Still battling between selecting either my original jet black sake bottle design or a more mainstream piratey poison looking glass bottle. I will start drawing my live sized Liz Vicious today too, and maybe go buy some vegetables and chocolate. I want a plant.

I think my head hurts a little from a scary dream with lots of moving corridors and lots of really cute floating things chasing me. They looked similar to the cotton wool clouds from Michel Gondry's Science of Sleep, which I thought was a pretty mad movie. However I did feel a little awkward and uncomfortable at certain scenes because it seemed so real, his movies just makes me feel strange all the time, *brbrrtt. My head pain could also be because Ayano (who listens to a lot of Grave of the Fireflies OST) secretly injected baby spy germs into my ear yesterday and they're off duty on Tuesdays and have decided to eat parts of my brain. Or maybe I hang out too much with Kate that my brain is becoming poo so it just hurts. Or maybe I ran into the corridors in my sleep and the pain has carried forward into reality. I really want to scribble all over walls and tables.

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